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Environmental Cleanup Services from a Trusted Environmental Company

With over 20 years of experience in the environmental industry, at Central Waste Services we work hard for our clients by providing them with reliable, competitive and innovative environmental cleanup services.

As part of our complete services, we offer environmental assessment and cleanup services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We take our time to carefully evaluate each cleanup project, consider all necessary steps for proper containment, remediation, cleanup and disposal, evaluate for any potential negative outcomes, and design a thorough cleanup plan to stay within your company’s budgetary requirements, while being compliant with all state, local and federal governmental regulations.

We always ensure that your remediation and cleanup project is managed and resolved with the utmost attention to detail by our knowledgeable and certified staff to your satisfaction.

As always we strive to make our clients’ job easier, knowing that they are working with a trusted, highly experienced environmental cleanup company . Contact our team of experts to discuss our particular environmental cleanup needs and see why Central Waste Services is you trusted environmental remediation contractor.

  • We offer simple & efficient points of contact.
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Soil Remediation

The most traditional method for soil remediation consists primarily of soil excavation and disposal to a landfill or a “dig and haul” scenario. Central Waste Services maintains an inventory of heavy equipment to better serve clients in the completion of soil remediation projects.

Central Waste Services specializes in hazardous waste management, removal and hazardous waste disposal of materials, including byproducts of both ongoing environmentally managed production environments, as well as the cleanup of contaminated sites. We provide full analyses and documentation to ensure clients remain compliant with local, state and federal regulations.
Central Waste Services has established relationships with landfills in all of our service areas to enable processing of impacted materials in a timely manner. Even in the event of an emergency, we are often able to expedite the disposable process to give our clients piece of mind in knowing we are working in their interest.

In-situ technologies are also a viable option for soil remediation and include bioremediation, the treatment of environmental problems through biological means. In bioremediation, either naturally occurring or specially bred bacteria are used to consume contaminants from soil or extracted groundwater. Bioremediation is sometimes used in conjunction with a pump and treat system.

Central Waste Services has successfully used bioremediation as a method of soil remediation in the treatment of elevator shafts and hydraulic lift stations contaminated by leaking hydraulic fluid and areas impacted by leaking underground storage tanks.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is an essential aspect of running a corporation or large business. The cleanliness and sanitation of the equipment used in your organization can prevent the spread of disease and creates a safe place for your employees and customers alike with help of proper industrial cleaning plan.

Water Blasting and Steam Blasting 
Water and steam blasting use highly pressured water or steam to remove tough stains, effectively cleaning large machinery and sanitizing equipment used to produce food products. Industrial cleaning using hot steam can kill most harmful bacteria and viruses.

Vacuum Truck Services 
Central Waste Services uses vacuums truck to remove any wastewater generated during the industrial cleaning process and then transports the material for proper disposal. High suction dry vacuum trucks can also be used to perform industrial cleaning of areas that are highly saturated with dust and debris build-up.

Vacuum Boxes 
Vacuum Boxes are used in conjunction with a vacuum truck. They have a larger capacity and can store and transport liquids and sludges for disposal. Materials can be removed from a facility’s tank or pit and stored in the vacuum box for further testing and then profiled for proper disposal. Central Waste Services has 25-cubic yard vacuum boxes available for customers to utilize.

Groundwater Remediation

At Central Waste Services, we offer complete groundwater remediation services , with a multi-stage process designed to remove pollutants from the groundwater and environment, making it safe to use for various applications. Our advanced groundwater remediation process is designed to remove pollution from groundwater that is present below the ground surface that saturates the pore space in the subsurface.

Today, 25-40% of the population still relies on groundwater from wells and boreholes as their primary drinking source, also groundwater is used for irrigation of farmlands and in the production of goods. In the last century, strict regulations have been developed throughout the United States and Puerto Rico at the state and federal level in order to protect water and soil resources. When the groundwater becomes polluted our expert environmental technicians can remove pollutants and contaminants from groundwater with various proven remediation techniques thereby making it safe for use

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